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Counseling for Anxiety, Stress, and Life Transitions.

At Calma Counseling all therapy sessions are conducted via phone or secure video. You can achieve emotional wellness through online counseling. Learn more about online counseling below.

Stress Therapy San Diego


Stress can get in the way of living a calm, healthy, balanced life. Common causes of stress can be times of uncertainty like the pandemic, finances, work, relationships, and every day tasks. Therapy can help you identify your triggers, find balance, and learn ways to nourish yourself and strengthen your ability to overcome stress.

Anxiety Therapy

It started as a small worry, then turned into a roller coaster ride of repetitive worries and intrusive thoughts. Leaving you with panic, a heavy chest, and unable to sleep through the night. If only you could have a moment of peace to reboot. But that seems almost like a unicorn in your life. I say, calm doesn’t have to be out of reach. Living with anxiety can feel draining. It can also keep you from having fulfilling relationships with others. Getting counseling for anxiety can make life easier because it helps you understand anxiety triggers while learning coping skills and tools to manage anxiety.

Life Transition Therapy

Life Transitions

Sometimes we make voluntary life decisions such as ending an unhealthy relationship, starting a new career, or moving to a new city. Other times, the unexpected happens, we become ill or we lose our job. Life transitions can leave us feeling disorganized, out of control, and stuck. Therapy can help you learn how to navigate through life's challenges while overcoming fear and making way for growth and healing. You can be the hero to your own story!

Online Counseling Services

Let's Work Together

Are you struggling to get through the day? Feeling stressed, anxious, or unhappy? There comes a time when our struggles and worries become overbearing and even impact our daily lives and relationships.

Living with anxiety and stress can feel isolating, but you don’t have to go through it alone! I will work with you to gain understanding and the steps necessary to start your journey to healing.

You’re mental and emotional wellness matters.

Online Counseling



Finding time to get to your counseling sessions can be a real struggle when you have a busy life. Online counseling is conveniently accessible to meet your needs. No commute means no time lost.



You can receive online counseling from the comfort of your own home or familiar setting.



It is easy to access quality mental health counseling from your mobile device wherever you are in California.

*Please note that not every situation is appropriate for online counseling. Because of this, I will be assessing your fit for online therapy services during your first few sessions. If your circumstances change then I may re-assess as needed to ensure appropriate care.

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