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Are you struggling to get through the day?

Feeling stressed, anxious, or unhappy?

There comes a time when our struggles and worries become overbearing and even impact our daily lives and relationships.

Living with anxiety and stress can feel isolating, but you don’t have to go through it alone! I will work with you to gain understanding and the steps necessary to start your journey to healing.

You’re mental and emotional wellness matters.

jacqueline gomez, licensed therapist
Jacqueline Gomez, MA.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Hello, I'm Jacqueline!


I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I specialize in treating Anxiety, Stress, and Life Transitions. I am here to help you crush anxiety and stress to achieve emotional wellness so that you can live your best life! I am an inclusive therapist, which means that I am embracing all walks of life. I work with compassion to provide a safe space free of judgement to discuss the “undiscussables”. No topic is off limits! This will allow you to show up as your authentic self, learn, and grow. I will help you gain insight and teach you effective skills and tools to overcome your struggles, discover your strengths, and have a happier more fulfilling day to day life. I look forward to working with you.

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Stress & Anxiety Therapy


Therapy can help you identify your triggers, find balance, and learn ways to nourish yourself and strengthen your ability to overcome stress.

Anxiety Therapy


Counseling for anxiety can make life easier by helping you understand anxiety triggers while learning coping skills and tools.

life transitions therapy

Life Transitions

Therapy can help you learn how to navigate through life's challenges while overcoming fear & making way for growth & healing.

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